Frequently Asked Questions

The basics

What is the Wakati?

Wakati is an alternative technology that increases the shelf life of fruits and vegetables for smallholder farmers in developing countries. With a small solar panel of just three Watts, Wakati creates a sterilized micro climate that dramatically increases the shelf life of these crops.

What does the sterilized micro-climate contain?

A sterilized gas that is not harmful and FDA (Food and Drug Administration USA) approved. This gas reduces the ethylene that has effect on slowing down the ripening process and also fights fungi.

What is the tempereature within the Wakati?

The temperature will be the same inside the tent as the temperature outside. The Wakati is not a cooling storage and should therefore not be used as such.

How much water does the Wakati use?

The water basin needs to be filled with around 200ml of water every day.

Can you open the Wakati often?

Yes, the sterilized gas reproduces faster than ethylene. It is also recommended to check the crop every other day to fill the water basin.

How much does the Wakati cost?

We are currently selling the Wakati for $65 Ex-works. The sales prices will vary from country to country but is estimated around $100. However, we are planning to scale our production and lower the selling price by 30%

For how long will the Wakati last?

The Wakati has a lifecycle of 2 years. We are aiming to make the micro-climate component as small as possible. This will enable us to ship the broken parts through airmail in an envelope.

What is the benefit for the smallholder farmers?

Less losses result in more sales. The smallholder farmers are able to sell their crops for a higher price, because the crops will be of a higher quality. Moreover, the Wakati enables them to sell off season, because of the longer shelf life.

Can I preserve meat or fish inside Wakati?

No. You can only preserve fruit & vegetables.

Does Wakati cool produce?

No. It’s a humidified microclimate which keeps your fruits & vegetables fresh.

Where can I buy Wakati?

For the moment Wakati One is in a test-fase. Which means we are optimizing and will soon go to market. If you are interested in buying Wakati subscribe, please contact us via the contact form.

Does Wakati require power from the grid?

No, Wakati is a standalone solution and works 100% on solar energy.

Setup & installation

How much fruits & vegetables can I preserve in one tent?

Depending on the kind of crops, between 200-400kg.

Can I put Wakati inside or indoors?

Only if it’s well ventilated room. Optimal use of Wakati is outside, in a warm & dry climate, out of the sun (shade).

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